Who are Jelly Roll Mom and Dad?

Jelly Roll Mom and Dad: Jelly Roll, born Jason DeFord on December 4, 1984, in Nashville, Tennessee, grew up in a family that remains somewhat private despite his public persona. According to available information from various sources and recent research, Jelly Roll’s parents are identified as E.P. La Menthe and Louise Monette.

Jelly Roll Parents

jelly roll parents mom and dad

Jelly Roll, the acclaimed musician known for his unique blend of rap, blues, and rock, holds a captivating presence in the music industry. While his musical talents have garnered widespread recognition, details about his family, particularly his parents, have stirred curiosity among fans and enthusiasts.

Jelly Roll Mom

Louise Monette is cited as Jelly Roll’s mother. Despite limited available information, her influence on Jelly Roll’s life, upbringing, or her personal endeavors might not be widely accessible in public records. As Jelly Roll maintains a certain degree of privacy concerning his personal life, comprehensive details about his mother’s life or her impact on his musical journey might not be extensively documented.

Jelly Roll Dad

E.P. La Menthe is mentioned as Jelly Roll’s father. Similar to information about his mother, details regarding E.P. La Menthe’s life, profession, or his influence on Jelly Roll’s career might be less publicly accessible. Jelly Roll’s inclination towards privacy regarding his family life might contribute to the limited documentation or disclosure about his father’s background and his role in the artist’s life.